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Wedding trends {pt 1}

One of my favorite parts about being a wedding photographer is keeping up with all of the creative new wedding trends! Every six months to a year, new wedding trends appear and older ones begin to fade out. As a wedding photographer, I get the exciting opportunity to see these trends displayed in actual weddings that I photograph and in styled wedding shoots that I organize and shoot! Because of this, I decided that I want to start blogging all of my favorite wedding trends every so often! Blogs like this were extremely helpful back when I was planning my wedding! So here are 5 of my favorite current wedding trends.

1) Terracotta

I never used to be a fan of orange. But after seeing all of the beautiful wedding inspo that uses the terracotta color schemes....I'm in love and I can't get enough!

2) Pampas Grass

This one may be on its way out actually and some people may think it's overused, but I still love it! It's so pretty and exotic and makes any wedding look hip and trendy.

3) Smoke Bombs

I think smoke bombs will always be a cool element to add to your wedding or engagement session! You can choose to do your wedding colors or just do white smoke! It adds such a creative touch to your pics!

4) Painted Cakes

I am LOVING the trend of painted cakes. It makes them look so unique and like a beautiful work of art. Almost too pretty to eat!

5) Banner backgrounds

I seriously considered having a banner background for my wedding! The banner can go behind the altar, the cake table, or the bride and groom table! They are so mod looking and can say practically anything you like!

Every wedding is unique and should be exactly the way YOU want it to be. So just because you decide not to use any of these trends or you are incorporating an "old" trend....that doesn't mean your wedding isn't stylish or beautiful! Every wedding is beautiful in it's own way and is special in it's own way, because each couple is beautiful and special in their own way! Keep an eye out for my favorite wedding trends part 2!

(All photos were taken either from Instagram or Pinterest. They are NOT mine)

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