I don't know about you, but I had never heard of a personal branding photography session until just last year. I had seen it done I guess, but I had just never seen it actually labeled! But once I did, it made total sense and got me excited! Entrepreneurship and owning small businesses is becoming more and more popular! Whether it is a clothing boutique, photography business, or an Etsy shop, small businesses are everywhere! Something people often forget is that behind every small business, there is a business owner! An individual! And sometimes a team! Many times we forget that because we never see a face to connect to the business! Your business's branding is more than just your's YOU! You are your business! You are your brand! 


A personal branding photography session is in a category all it's own. It's more than your typical portrait session, yet not quite a commercial shoot. It doesn't necessarily focus on the specific products that you sell...but instead focuses on your business as a whole...specifically the face of your business....YOU! It tells the story behind you and your business and by doing that, helps attract your ideal clients! Booking your dream clients becomes possible when you learn how to market yourself! Take some time to check out some of the examples of my personal branding work below and take a peek at my blog to see some full personal branding sessions!


Each brand is unique. Each business is unique. And each business owner is unique. Because of this, I work with clients to create branding sessions that fit them perfectly. I don’t charge thousands of dollars  for a long 6 hr session. 

I don’t know about you, but that just sounds exhausting! Not to mention you can probably only afford one of those long sessions each year....but what if you change your hair cut or color? Or what if you finally lose all that weight you’ve been trying so hard to lose?  Or what if you business grows or morphs or ends up going in a different direction? 


All these reasons are why I only charge by the hour so that it’s up to you to decide how many hours you think you will need for each individual session. Have a big launch coming up? Maybe we should do a 3 hr session. Do you just want some fresh content for your social media? An hour session might be all we need this time! 

Current Pricing

-$300 for the first hour you book with me. Includes a complimentary virtual planning session and unlimited email/text access. 


-$250 for every other hour you book with me in the future.


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