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Wedding photography timeline tips

One part of the wedding planning process that many brides struggle with the most is the wedding day timeline. The number one questions most brides have regarding their wedding day timeline much time is necessary for photos? I mean, there's getting ready photos, first look photos, bridal party photos, bride and groom photos, family photos, etc et

Unless you are a wedding photographer, wedding planner, or have helped plan a wedding before, it is difficult to even know how much time to block out for each and just where to start! Have no fear! Here are my top three wedding photography timeline tips for you!

Wedding photography

1) Do your research

With the internet, there are so many helpful resources out there! Just hop on Pinterest! Anything you wanna know about wedding planning (including timelines) is on there. Or just Google "wedding photography timelines" or something like that....and tons of useful blogs are sure to pop up!

2) Ask for help!

Ask all your friends, coworkers, and family members that have just recently gotten married! Hearing about other people's wedding day experiences, their suggestions and advice, and even taking a peek at the wedding timeline from their own wedding is super helpful. Plus, people love talking and reminiscing about their wedding it's a win/win!

Wedding photography

3) Meet with your wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer, our lives revolve around wedding timelines! We honestly have seen so many timelines, that we could write one up in our sleep. So if you have a wedding photographer booked, meet with them! A lot of wedding photographers initiate a meeting to go over/help write the timeline anyways, but if not, please ask to meet! We will be the ones taking the photos on the wedding day, so we are the perfect people to ask about how much time is needed for the photos!

Planning a wedding is overwhelming (believe me, I've been there!), but creating your wedding timeline doesn't have to be! As long as you do your research, ask for advice, and meet with your wedding photographer....your wedding timeline should be a breeze! Now making everyone follow the timeline on the actual wedding day....that's a totally different thing! Maybe I'll write a post on that another day!

Wedding photography

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