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Wedding Photography

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

When planning a wedding, finding inspiration is important! Finding images and ideas that inspire you is something that helps give your wedding planning a direction....because sometimes it's hard to even know where to start! Same with wedding photography! Wedding photography is not all the same. There are so many different styles, different pricing, different posing, etc! That's a lot to tackle! For now, I'm going to tackle wedding photography posing! Hopefully this post offers you inspiration in regards to wedding photography posing!

-Dip/Dip & Kiss

-Walk towards camera

-Touching foreheads

-Bridesmaid bouquets together

-Beautiful bride

-Hand shot

- Generation shot

-Holding hands

-Link arms

-Arms around neck

-Close up of bouquet

-Umbrellas are fun!

- Hug from behind

-Serious groomsmen

-Pose with flower girl/ring bearer

- Creative mirror shots

-Back of the bride's dress

-Giggly bridesmaids

-Kiss on the cheek/forehead

-Last but not least....the steamy kiss!

These are just a few beautiful, fun, and creative wedding photography pose ideas! There are so many more I could have posted, but I figured this post was already long enough! Hopefully this post is helpful and offers you a little inspiration! Which pose is your favorite?

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