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Wedding photographers near me

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Are there any great wedding photographers near me? What are the perks to hiring a wedding photographer near me? Does it even matter if I hire a photographer near me? There are amazing wedding photographers all over the world, United States, and in the state you live in! So out of all the amazing wedding photographers out there, why is it important to hire a wedding photographer that lives in or near the city you live? In this post I will talk about 4 reasons why hiring a local wedding photographer is sometimes the best way to go.

1) You can meet them face to face before hand!

I don't know about you, but I would 100% prefer to meet someone for the first time face to face, rather than over the phone or via Skype. There's just something more personal, intimate, and comforting about meeting your future wedding photographer for coffee, chatting about the wedding plans, and getting to know each other. Heck, you could even ask to meet up before you even book their services! It's totally common for a wedding photographer and possible future client to meet up to discuss details, pricing, packages, etc. Plus you want to make sure you and your wedding photographer have good chemistry! Meeting and getting to know your wedding photographer before the big day also helps you get to know them better as a person, so you will feel more comfortable with them around on your wedding day. They will be with you ALL day after all!

2) Their schedules are more flexible

Did it start storming in the middle of your engagement session? Since your photographer lives right across town, they may be more willing to reschedule and take the rest of the engagement photos another day! Did you decide last minute that you want your wedding photographer at the rehearsal? No problem! They live just 15mins away! Oh, you wanna add a bridal portrait session to your package? That's totally fine, because they live in town and easily fit it in their schedule! When there's no traveling involved (especially flying), photographers are much more flexible and accommodating.....because they can be!

3) They are typically cheaper

Travel's expensive these days! The price of gas is ridiculous.....and don't even get me started on plane tickets! Not to mention, if your wedding photographer is from out of town, they will mostly likely need accommodations and a rental car. All of that could easily add up to another $1,000 on top of the wedding day coverage. If they are your dream photographer and you've admired their work for years, I get it. Or if it's a good friend from out of town that's a professional wedding photographer and you've always planned on asking her to shoot your wedding, I understand. Otherwise, finding a local wedding photographer is typically quite a bit cheaper.

4) You can hire them again in the future

Your wedding shouldn't be the last time you get professional photos taken! There are anniversaries, maternity, newborns, family sessions, etc! Once you find a photographer you like, it's usually best to keep working with that same photographer. You love their photos, know how they work, and are comfortable around why wouldn't you? That's a little difficult to do if you live in Louisville, Kentucky and your wedding photographer lives way out west somewhere. It's possible! Just much more complicated....and once again...expensive.

Hiring a photographer from out of town or out of state is totally possible and is done quite often, but it's not always the most practical and affordable option. But one thing to remember is that everyone's wedding is different! Every bride's budget is different! And every couple's situation is different. So in the end, there's no wrong choice!

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