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Special details your wedding photographer wants to photograph

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

On wedding days, one thing that often gets overlooked and forgotten about are the little details! In the grand scheme of things, the little wedding details don't really seem like that big of a deal. But here's the thing....your wedding day is made up of nothing BUT details! The detail shots help tell the story of your wedding day! When I first started photographing weddings, a lot of times I would get so focused on the big picture, that I would overlook the details! Now, the detail shots are usually some of my favorite shots from weddings.

Many wedding photographers will ask you ahead of time to gather any details you want photographed on the big day. That way, when the photographer is ready to begin taking photos of the details, they know exactly what details you want photographed. Believe me, as the bride, it is nice to not have to think about little stuff like that on your wedding day.

So what details do you want photographed? That question is answered differently by every single bride. Every bride and wedding is different! But in this post, I can give you some ideas and help you get started.

-Getting ready details. Do you have a special perfume? Specific lip color? Are you using your grandmother's vintage mirror?

-Bridal details. This one is pretty straight forward. The rings (make sure to have ALL the rings with you), your veil, garter, earrings, necklace, shoes, hair piece, bouquet, and any other special pretty things you're wearing on your wedding day.

-Paper details. This one gets overlooked the most, but it's really nice to have these shots! What are paper details? Your Save the Date, Invitation, Stationary, Programs, etc. I LOVE what the photographer for my wedding did below.

-Special memories. Your grandmother's bracelet, grandfather's handkerchief, photo album made by your friends, etc.

-Groom details. Can't forget the groom! Getting detail shots of the groom's accessories is really important (and often overlooked) also! His tie, shoes, socks, pocket square, cuff links, boutonniere, watch, and cologne are just a few accessories you can gather for your photographer.

Hopefully these ideas help you get an idea about what details are important to gather for your photographer for the wedding day. Some of the smallest details can be some of the most special memories.....and the most beautiful photos.

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