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Louisville wedding venues

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

When I was looking for a Louisville wedding venue, I was amazed at how many beautiful Louisville wedding venues there were! I decided to make a list of a couple of my favorite Louisville wedding venues that I found.

1) The Pointe

I almost had my wedding here! The only reason I changed my mind was because I decided to get married in my hometown instead of Louisville.

2) Louisville Water Tower Park

How cool would it be to have your wedding in a gorgeous water tower??

3) Gardencourt

This place was also in my top 3....the only issue was it was too small for the amount of guests we were planning on inviting.

4)Yew Dell Botanical Gardens

This place is a DREAM....especially if you like plants.

5) Hurstbourne Country Club

I'm usually not a fan of country clubs, but this one looked so elegant and gorgeous.

6) Mellwood Art Center

This place was also on the top of my list, because it had the industrial look I was going was just a little out of my budget.

These are just six of the many amazing and gorgeous Louisville wedding venues I discovered and looked into when planning my own wedding. Also, because I am new to Louisville, I have not photographed any weddings at these venues yet. So these images are not mine....I found them off of Google.

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