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Lexington wedding venues

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

There are just so many beautiful Lexington wedding venues, that I just had to do a part two! Like I mentioned in the other post, I didn't look at any Lexington wedding venues when searching for my wedding venue, but quite a few really cool Lexington wedding venues showed up in my Google searches! Some of them made me wish I was having my wedding in Lexington! Here are a few more of my favorite Lexington wedding venues that I found in my searching.

1) The Livery

This is a venue that I saw while Googling wedding venues back when I was wedding planning, and it made me want to get married in Lexington so bad! It has the perfect balance of industrial and rustic. All the lights and wood and brick make me drool!

2) Apiary Fine Catering & Events

This is a very popular Lexington venue and I am dying to photograph a wedding here! Everything about this venue looks expensive and quaint! And apparently their food is to die for!

3)Hazelnut Farms

This is not your typical barn! I couldn't find a ton of photos from this venue, because I think it's so new. But what pics I did find are gorgeous!!! Looks like such a bright, gorgeous, and spacious they even have a huge guest house you can rent! Super convenient!

Those are just three out of many many many more beautiful Lexington wedding venues. None of these images are mine, I found them on Google! But contact me today to photograph your wedding at one of these stunning Lexington wedding venues!

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