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Lexington wedding venues

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

I didn't look at any Lexington wedding venues when searching for my wedding venue, but quite a few really cool Lexington wedding venues showed up in my Google searches! Some of them made me wish I was having my wedding in Lexington! Here are a few of my favorite Lexington wedding venues that I found in my searching.

1)Venues of the Grand Reserve

This place has so many different venue options, and all of them look equally amazing! It just depends on the size of your wedding party and the style you're going for! They have a room that looks like a distillery or one that looks like a speakeasy.

2) The Heartwood

This place looks brand new and almost makes me want to get married again! It's so bright, clean, and mod!

3) The Round Barn Stables of Memories

How cute is the name of this venue? And how cute is the venue itself? This one is quite popular....for obvious reasons.

4) Ashford Acres Inn

This Inn looks adorable. And the barn looks even more adorable. I love how white and clean the barn looks!

5) Hemlock Springs

This place almost made me want an outdoor wedding....almost. If you want a dreamy forest wedding, this is the place for you!

6) Meadow View Weddings and Events

This place looks like it has so many wonderful indoor/outdoor options! The best of both worlds! And the indoor space looks so bright and airy!

Those are just six out of many many many more beautiful Lexington wedding venues. None of these images are mine, I found them on Google! But contact me today to photograph your wedding at one of these stunning Lexington wedding venues!

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