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Cory & Natalie - Kentucky State Fair

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Doing a couples photo session at the fair has been on my photo bucket list since, like, forever! The other night, my husband and I made plans to go to the Kentucky State Fair with our friends Cory and Natalie....and it hit me! They can be my model couple! Shooting at the fair was so fun and I totally want to do it again! So if anyone wants their family, senior, or engagement session taken at the fair (State Fair, County Fair, etc)....I'm 100% down for that! I mean, scroll down and look at these fun pics! And we only shot for like 20 mins! Just think of the possibilities of all the fun pics we could get from a full session! Big thanks to Cory and Natalie for being my model couple for the evening! All Louisville photographers should check this out!

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