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Personal Branding Session: The Wondering Mind Podcast pt 2

One type of session that I’ve been shooting a lot of recently is personal branding sessions. Personal branding sessions are all about taking quality photos that help show what your brand is and who you are as a business owner. Most of those photos are of you because...YOU are your brand! YOU are your business. In order to attract your ideal clients, you need to show who you are. ⁣

I first met Emily on Instagram back in the fall. I reached out to her to ask her if she was interested in collaborating and doing makeup for a bridal inspiration shoot I was trying to put together. She said that she would love to, but she also inquired about booking a personal branding session to take her social media to the next level. She was brainstorming a podcast that she eventually wanted to launch and wanted to start gaining a following on Instagram. Since then, we have done several personal branding sessions together! I am especially loving the last personal branding session we did a few weeks ago! They're so fun and springy! Emily is really into health and fitness, so we almost always include a couple athletic wear outfits too. Emily officially launched her podcast a couple months ago! It's mostly about mental health and promoting self-love. The Wondering Mind podcast can be found on Spotify! Go check it out! You can also go check out Emily's in-studio personal branding session we did a few months ago!

Personal branding session

Personal branding session

Personal branding photographer

Louisville portrait photographer

Lexington portrait photographer

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