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Personal Branding Session: Madison Tinder

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

I was super happy when Madison reached out to me regarding booking a personal branding session a while months ago! Madison is a business mentor and coach and she had just recently moved back to Louisville from Dallas and was needing some fresh photos for her Instagram! On the day of the shoot, it was SUPER hot and humid outside, so we did the whole session inside her beautiful new house.....which worked out perfect because her house is her office and where she spends most of her time anyways!

Personal branding sessions are all about YOU. You want your personal branding sessions to not only be professional, but as authentic as possible! Why take portraits of you working in a coffee shop when you actually never work in a coffee shop? If you do all of your business and work in your office or on your couch in your house....then that's where we should take some of your personal branding pics! We can of course also take some pics elsewhere, but it's always a good idea to start in your home (or wherever the business happens!).

As you can see, Madison incorporated all of the colors and props that represent her brand! Her branding colors are mostly red and pink and she loves wine!

I love working with new personal branding clients!

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