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Personal Branding Session: Jen - NEAT Marketing

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

One of my favorite types of sessions to photograph is personal branding sessions. Personal branding sessions are all about taking quality photos that help show what your brand is and who you are as a business owner. Most of those photos are of you because...YOU are your brand! YOU are your business. In order to attract your ideal clients, you need to show who you are and booking your dream clients becomes possible when you learn how to market yourself!

I had so much fun with Jen’s personal branding session last week! What’s better than walking around NULU during golden hour and taking pretty portraits? Not much! Jen reached out to me and wanted to book a personal branding session to get some fresh content and portraits for her social media. She owns NEAT Marketing and is a business and sales coach that "helps service providers create a sales strategy to attract and sign dream clients." She mostly focuses on 1:1 coaching programs and knows SO much about marketing. It blows my mind. Her portraits turned out so gorgeous and show her personality so well! To see another example of a personal branding session, go check out Emily's in-studio personal branding session!

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