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How to plan for a personal branding photography session

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

I don't know about you, but I had never heard of a personal branding photography session until a year ago. I had seen it done I guess, but I had just never seen it actually labeled! But once I did, it made total sense and got me excited! Entrepreneurship and owning small businesses is becoming more and more popular! Whether it is a clothing boutique, photography business, or an Etsy shop, small businesses are everywhere! One thing people sometimes forget is that behind every small business, there is a business owner! An individual! And sometimes a team! The sad thing is, many times we forget that because we never see a face to connect to the business! Your business's branding is more than just your's YOU! You are your business! You are your brand! But what exactly is a personal branding photography session? And how do you plan a personal branding photography session? Keep reading!

What is a personal branding photography session?

A personal branding photography session is in a category all it's own. It's more than your typical portrait session, yet not quite a commercial shoot. It doesn't necessarily focus on the specific products that you sell...but instead focuses on your business as a whole...specifically the face of your business....YOU! It tells the story behind you and your business and by doing that, helps attract your ideal clients! Booking your dream clients becomes possible when you learn how to market yourself!

Personal branding photographer

What does a personal branding photography session look like?

Every business is different, so therefore, every personal branding photography session will be different! Typically I prefer to meet for coffee and chat about your business and vision first. Then from there, I will create the perfect package for you. In most personal branding photography sessions, I will take headshots, posed shots, and lifestyle shots so that you get the biggest variety of content possible. I encourage you to bring a couple outfit changes and to brainstorm some location ideas (usually I can up to 3 outfit/location changes in an hour).

How does one plan a successful personal branding photography session?

Jumping into a personal branding photography session and just winging it isn't recommended and probably won't be very successful. Personal branding photography sessions take a lot of thought and planning. Some of that planning, I can help with! But a good portion of it is up to you! Here are a few steps I recommend taking prior to your personal branding photography session.

1) Make a list of your goals for the session

What are you hoping to achieve with this personal branding session? Are you rebranding? Starting from scratch? Are you launching a new product or service? Or are you just wanting to create a more personal experience for your clients? It's very beneficial to think these things through!

2) Where and how are the images from the session going to be used?

Will these images be used for your website or blog? Or mostly social media? Do you prefer vertical or horizontal images for these platforms? Do you plan on using some of the images for commercial use? If so, you need to expect an additional licensing fee. And you need to plan out exactly how and where you will advertise and use these images, because the price of the licensing fee depends on this.

3) Create a mood/inspiration board for your business

What is your personal style? Does your business have a specific color scheme or look that you want to stick with? Creating a mood/inspiration board on Pinterest is a very helpful way to create a vision for your personal branding photography session. Plus, it is very helpful for your photographer and helps me know a little better what you're wanting!

Personal branding photographer

4) Brainstorm types of shots, poses, props, outfits, and locations

Begin by looking at your favorite businesses and bloggers on Instagram. What stands out to you? What poses do you like? What creative shots catch your eye? Screenshot them and show them to me! Pinterest also comes in handy with this! Create a board containing various poses and shots that you feel like fit you and your brand and send it to me! Once again, doing this helps me know a little better what you're wanting and helps us be on the same page! If you're struggling with poses and locations, this is one area that I can help you with! And in regard to props, what props represent your business? Are you a florist? Use flowers! Are you a photographer? Use your camera/laptop! Are you a fitness coach? Use gym equipment! And no matter what business you own....using coffee as a prop is always a good idea is always a good idea! ;)

5) Practice!

This is something many people don't think about doing prior to a photoshoot, but it's super helpful! Practicing the poses you found on Pinterest and practicing various facial expressions in the mirror creates muscle memory for the actual session! Plus it helps you feel more comfortable and confident in front of the camera! But don't worry, no matter what, I will help you with posing during the session. So no pressure! I got you!

That's it! As you can see, there's lots of planning to be done! And as I mentioned above, I am here to help as much as possible! So contact me, let's meet for coffee, and let's take your personal brand and business up a level and reach your ideal clients!

Personal branding photographer

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