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Boss Babe Branding Workshop

Coffee, charcuterie, and content, OH MY!

WHAT: A 4 hr personal branding workshop that'll be full of new friends, valuable education, and 4 amazing styled shoot stations!

WHO: Any level of photographer who wants to break into the hot and evergrowing market of personal branding sessions.

WHEN: July 18, 2021  

WHERE: The Lightbox Lexington, KY

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Hey boss babe!

Wanna expand your business, grow your portfolio, and meet some new photographer friends? 

If so...this workshop is for you!!!

Why personal branding?

What’s the big deal?


I don’t know about you, but I feel like everyone is starting their own business these days...I mean…you can have a whole career just on social media and never even leave your house!


And guess what those businesses need?? Professional and creative photos that stand out and help grow their brand and business!


More and more photographers are beginning to offer personal branding sessions….and good thing! Because there’s very high demand! This is why I wanted to offer this workshop, to begin with!


This is a hot and growing market! There’s a lot of business owners in need of our services and talent...and there’s a lot of money to be made!


Four hours of learning, creating, and fun!


-Yummy food & drink (charcuterie and coffee for the win)!


-Icebreaker games (nothing cheesy, I PROMISE)!

-Meeting fellow boss babes, photographers, and new friends!


-Time to break out your pen and paper....cause it's time to learn all about the personal branding industry from yours truly!

-Learn how to market yourself as a personal branding photographer and how to find clients!

-Learn how personal branding sessions differ from any other type of session!

-Learn what to do and what NOT to do! 


-Four models, Four styled stations. (Cozy at home, In the office, Time to celebrate, and Minimalistic boho)


-Tons of fun and unique props. Unlimited possibilities! 

-2 hrs of shooting time...that way everyone gets a turn and has plenty of time to have fun and get creative! 

-I'll be shooting right along with ya and can help you and answer any questions you have! 


-Headshots. (before you leave, each person gets their portrait taken by yours truly!)

-Swag bags. (don't forget to grab one on your way out! It'll be full of really great stuff!)

-Giveaway! (one person will win a free personal branding session with me!)

The space



Total price: $350

Early bird price: $275 

***Extended until the end of June***
(save $75!!!)

A $50 retainer is due to book your spot


Ashley Cambron_-4.jpg

All About Ash

Nice to meet ya!!

I am a lifestyle and editorial photographer based out of Louisville, KY... but I'm always willing to travel!

I studied and majored in photography in college and have owned my photography business for over 5 years! Because of that, I know how important it is to have quality marketing materials and professional photos both on social media and on our websites!

I'm a coffee connoisseur, pizza-loving, plant mom in training. I married my best friend, Jay, in May 2019 - and I love doing life with him! I love adventure, art, travel, and meeting new people!

I hope to meet you one day! Don't hesitate to reach out to say hi!

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