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1:1 in person
mentor sessions

Are you a new-ish photographer? Do you have a ton of questions that you really wish someone would just sit down and answer (SEO, business, marketing, posing, pricing, etc)? Do you need some motivation and inspiration? Do you need someone to just show you how exactly to use the dang camera and editing software??? 


Let's grab some coffee (on me!) and dive into anything you wanna know (photography, business, and marketing-wise that is)! 

What's included:

-Your favorite beverage

-2 hrs of uninterrupted 1:1 time with me

-Social support (you officially have me as your cheerleader from now on)!

Only $250 (that's less than I charge for photo sessions)!

Want a more hands-on mentor session?

For $100 more, we can hang out for an additional hour and I'll organize a shoot just for you and I'll help you the whole time! 

Ready to take the next step in your photography business and become besties? Let's do it!

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