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Why having an engagement session is important

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Louisville photographer

You're engaged! Yay! Congrats!

Now it's time to start thinking about planning the wedding! It's time to book a venue, find a dress, buy all the decor, hire a wedding photographer, etc etc etc. Oh! And don't forget booking an engagement session with said wedding photographer!

What even is the point of an engagement session? Is it something you need to do and spend money on? I think yes and yes. In this post I'll share three reasons why an engagement session is a good thing to do and a good investment.

1) It serves as practice for you and your fiancé

Most people don't get professional photos taken very being in front of a camera can feel awkward, unnatural, and uncomfortable. Do you want to feel awkward, unnatural, and uncomfortable on your wedding day? Probs not. An engagement session serves as great practice for you and your fiancé! It helps you feel more comfortable and confident in front of the camera that when your wedding day will know what to expect and you will be a natural in front of the lens!

Louisville photographer

2) You can get to know your wedding photographers

Getting to know and working with your wedding photographer prior to the wedding is a super smart thing to do. I have photographed weddings without ever photographing the couple before, but it is never quite as natural or comfortable. It's amazing how just meeting up for an hour or two for an engagement session can make such a huge difference in comfort level and expectations (for both me and my clients). I get to learn what the couple is like, how they interact with each other, and how comfortable they are in front of my lens....and they get to learn how I work and get an idea of what it will be to have me around all day at the wedding!

3) You get memories that last a life time

You're (most likely) only engaged once! Why not celebrate that by creating and capturing this special time in your lives!? When I was engaged, Jay and I technically had two engagement sessions....but I was okay with splurging! I had waited 25 years to get engaged, and I was gonna milk it! I wanted to remember that wonderful period of my life for the rest of my life....and what better way to do that than photos? Photos are one of the few ways to literally capture a moment and memory. So, in my book, it is always a good investment.

Louisville photographer

When I started writing this post, it was originally going to be about how to prepare for your engagement session....but once I started writing....I started thinking of all the reasons I have heard about why people didn't think it was important to have one (and why they regretted it).

So, stay tuned for part two....How to prepare for your engagement session!

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