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How to pick the best photographer out of all Louisville photographers

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Louisville photographers

When moving from a small town to Louisville, KY....I knew there would significantly more photographers than I was used to. Boy was I right! Everyday I am finding a new Louisville photographer to follow on Instagram or Facebook! I knew there would be a lot of Louisville photographers, but I never realized just how many Louisville photographers there really are! If I'm feeling overwhelmed as another photographer, I can only imagine how a bride searching for her wedding photographer must feel! Choosing a wedding photographer is a big, important decision! Because of that, it is also often a stressful decision. Some brides have friends and family as professional photographers. Others have worked with photographers in the past, so they already know exactly who they will choose. But what about everyone else? What's a bride to do? In this post, I will list 4 ways to help you choose the best photographer for you out of all Louisville photographers.

1) Word of mouth

One of the best ways to find the best Louisville photographers, is by word of mouth! Ask your friends, family, neighbor, barista, anybody you know and trust! Word of mouth is how I get most of my business! Knowing someone who has had a good experience with me as a photographer makes hiring me for your wedding a little less intimidating.

Louisville photographers

2) Hashtags on Instagram

As a photographer, it's taken a while for me to have success in this area, but as a bride...this is how I found my wedding photographer! One day, I decided to look at local hashtags (Louisville photographers, Indianapolis photographers, Cincinnati photographers, etc), and I found the photographer who I decided to hire for my wedding! I've heard many other people say how they have found their photographer by looking at hashtags too. So hop on Instagram and take a look!

3) Wedding expos

I have never been to a wedding expo....but I have recently done quite a bit of research on the topic. Apparently they are a lot more popular than I ever thought and a lot of brides book their wedding photographer and other vendors there! There's just something about meeting a bunch of wedding photographers face to face and seeing their best work printed out. I've also heard that wedding expos are a little just FYI.

Louisville photographers

4) Google

Last but definitely not least, one of the best ways to find the best Louisville photographers is Google! Almost every photographer has a website on Google and their business listed on Google Business these days. So if asking around or going to a wedding expo isn't your jam, you can easily find a wonderful wedding photographer from the comfort of your own couch! But just so you know, because a photographer's website shows up on Google first, it doesn't mean that they're the best choice. It just means they know how to work Google.

Finding and choosing the best Louisville photographer out of all Louisville photographers doesn't have to be overwhelming and difficult! Whether it's by word of mouth, Instagram hashtags, or Google, your perfect wedding photographer is out there waiting to be found!

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