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Creative engagement photography ideas and inspiration

I love it when couples decide to do engagement sessions! Engagement sessions are seriously so much fun and are a great way to get to know your wedding photographer! Engagement sessions are also a good way to help you and your fiancé feel more comfortable in front of the camera (I get's kinda awkward!). So it's really great practice for your wedding day! Most engagement sessions I do take place either in nature (like a field, forest, lake, etc) or somewhere urban (downtown, old buildings, alleys, etc). Those are all fantastic and I shoot a lot of engagements there for a reason! Wanna do something a little different? I'm always 100% down for that! Below are a few ideas for ya!

1) Everyone loves the beach! Need I say more?

2) Did you do sports in college? Or are you big fans of a certain team? Spend part of your session taking pics on the field or in your favorite jerseys!

3) In home sessions are becoming really popular! It doesn't even have to be your home! I've heard of lots of people renting out gorgeous and bright Airbnb's for their photoshoot!

4) Taking your engagement photos at the State or County fair is so fun!

5) A greenhouse or a conservatory is a perfect place for an engagement session! Especially if you are plant lovers!

6) Bringing your dog along for your engagement session makes for a fun photoshoot! They're part of the family too, right?

7) These pics are of me and my husband and taken by the lovely Jenifer D. Imagery. But I wanted to include them to show how shooting in a coffee shop is a really great option! My husband and I love coffee and going on coffee dates, so this was very meaningful for us...and the pics from it look really cool too!

Here are a couple more ideas!

- Eating ice cream together

- Going on a hike

- Taking a dip in a pool or lake

- Drinking wine at your favorite winery

- Going roller skating or ice skating

- Take pics with your car or motorcycle

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